Discover Ireland

Ireland sits off the northwest tip of southern Europe and the northwest coast of the United Kingdom. The northern-most point is Malin Head while the southern-most point is Mizen The distance between the two is 486 km, and its greatest width from east to west is approximately 275 km. The perfect distance for a driving holiday then, being compact enough to tour comfortably in a car, while giving enough scope to give the more adventurous room to explore.

Ireland is made up of four provinces - Leinster, Munster, Ulster and Connaught – which are divided further into 32 counties, including the independent 26 county area of the Republic of Irelane, or Eire. Each has its own distinct flavour and offers something new and different to the visitor.

Renowned for its predominantly mild climate, Ireland is a glorious place to visit year-round, with its lush greenery and isolated beaches blending effortlessly with its unique history and tradition. And let’s not forget the social life, which as to be experienced to be believed.

An evening of folk music, Guinness and traditional Irish food seems like a cliché, but it remains a taste of Ireland that can’t be missed. But it’s not all about tradition. Cities like Dublin and Belfast comfortably compete with the rest of Europe’s capitals if its something more cosmopolitan that you’re after.

Ireland is a glorious place to visit year-round...