Discover South East Ireland

The southeast of Ireland – taking in Wexford to Cork via Waterford - offers plenty of sightseeing possibilities.

Located in Wexford, visitors will find Westgate Tower, the single residual fortified gateway contained by Norman town walls. Other sites include, The Irish Agricultural Museum and Johnstone Castle Gardens.

Continuing along to Hook Head penninsula, visitors can drive along the scenic roads that lead from Wexford to Waterford. Along the way find the village of Ballyhack located at the water’s edge from there it is easy to reach Waterford in just 5 minutes via the car ferry. Once there, sightseeing musts include, Reginald’s Tower, Waterford’s Heritage Centre and the infamous Waterford Crystal Factory.

Leaving Waterford behind for the open road that hugs the coast, cruise to Dunmore East, a sleepy old fishing village and Tramore, the latter lays claim to a gorgeous sandy beach. Continue along the coast road through Annestown, Bunmahon and Clonea to Dungarvan, where it’s a bit more lively featuring pubs and eateries. Heading inland from this point, leads towards Lismore, where one can indulge in the history of architecture by visiting Lismore’s two cathedrals from the 7th and 12th centuries before reaching Cork.

Ireland is a glorious place to visit year-round...